About the Musuem

The 1890 Queen Anne home, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is an excellent example of the style. From the ornate metal roof to the ashler cut stone foundation, the home is breathtaking.
The interior of the home is filled to the brim with the collections of three generations of Thompsons. Visitors have the unique opportunity to see the changes that have occurred in the home from the years of living, and as personal styles of individuals have changed over the years. In the house, you will see William G. Thompson’s extensive collections. Perhaps the most notable collection is the extensive collection of Oriental art. If you are a connoisseur of Japanese woodblocks, Chinese Jade and hard stone carvings, or cloisonné vases, the Thompson Museum is a must see. Like fine art? Wander through the rooms and see the collection of English and continental art. Antique porcelain and glass catch your fancy? The Thompson Museum is the place to satisfy you.

If that is not enough, come and see the furnishings and details of the Victorian style of home decorating. There truly is something for everyone at the William G. Thompson Museum!

Museum's Kitchen

Museum’s Kitchen